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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: What’s Happening With It?

If you are a fan of sci-fi, action, RPG, or romance, chances are you have heard of Mass Effect, one of the most acclaimed and influential video game franchises of all time. The original trilogy, released between 2007 and 2012, follows the adventures of Commander Shepard, a customizable hero who leads a team of diverse and memorable characters across the galaxy to stop an ancient threat known as the Reapers. Along the way, you can explore stunning planets, engage in thrilling combat, make impactful choices, and even fall in love.

But what if you missed out on this epic saga, or want to relive it with a fresh look? Well, you are in luck, because BioWare, the developer of Mass Effect, has recently released Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a remastered collection of all three games in one package. This edition promises to deliver an enhanced and updated experience for both new and returning players, with improved graphics, gameplay, customization, and more.

However, remaking a beloved franchise is not an easy task, especially when it comes to meeting the expectations and demands of loyal fans. BioWare has faced some challenges and controversies along the way, such as balancing nostalgia and innovation, addressing criticism and feedback, and dealing with technical issues and limitations. So, how does Mass Effect Legendary Edition fare as a remaster? Is it worth playing or replaying? And what’s happening with it? Let’s find out.

Mass Effect 1: The Origin Story

The first game in the trilogy is where it all begins. You create your own version of Commander Shepard, choosing their gender, appearance, background, and class. You then embark on your first mission as a Spectre, an elite agent of the galactic council, to investigate a rogue agent named Saren who is working with a mysterious ship called Sovereign. Along the way, you recruit a diverse team of allies from different races and backgrounds, such as Garrus, Tali, Liara, Wrex, Kaidan, and Ashley. You also discover that Sovereign is actually a Reaper, an ancient machine race that periodically wipes out all organic life in the galaxy. You must then stop Saren and Sovereign from unleashing a full-scale invasion.

The first game sets up the story and gameplay of the series by introducing you to its rich lore, immersive world-building, branching dialogue system, moral choices, romance options, and squad-based combat. However, it also shows its age with dated graphics, clunky controls, tedious exploration, inconsistent performance, and bugs. That’s why BioWare has made some major changes and enhancements in Mass Effect Legendary Edition to improve its quality and accessibility Some of the changes and enhancements in Mass Effect Legendary Edition for the first game are : – Graphical Overhaul: The game has been upgraded with better textures, models, lighting, rendering, and effects. The environments, characters, and cutscenes look more detailed, realistic, and consistent. The game also supports 4K resolution and HDR on compatible devices. – Faster Loading Times: The game now loads much faster, reducing the waiting time for elevators, loading screens, and transitions. You can also skip the elevator conversations and news reports if you want to. – Improved Combat: The game has improved the aiming, shooting, cover, and feedback of the combat system. The weapons feel more responsive and accurate, the cover system is more intuitive and reliable, and the enemies are more balanced and varied. The game also allows you to use any weapon regardless of your class, although you still need to train in specific weapons to unlock their full potential. – M35 Mako Changes: The game has tweaked the physics, handling, and camera of the Mako, the vehicle you use to explore uncharted worlds. The Mako is now easier to control, steer, and maneuver, and it can also boost and jump more effectively. The camera is also more stable and less prone to clipping or shaking. – Character Creator Changes: The game has updated the character creator with more options and features. You can now customize your Shepard’s skin tone, eye color, makeup, and hairstyles with more variety and precision. You can also use the same character creator for all three games, ensuring consistency and continuity for your Shepard across the trilogy. – Inventory Changes: The game has streamlined the inventory system with some quality of life improvements. You can now sort, compare, and mark your items more easily, and you can also access a dedicated weapon wheel to switch your weapons on the fly. The game also increases the inventory limit from 150 to 300 items, and gives you more ways to acquire and upgrade your gear. – Achievements/Trophies Changes: The game has revised the achievements/trophies system with some new additions and modifications. You can now track your progress for each achievement/trophy in the journal menu, and you can also unlock some new ones that are specific to the Legendary Edition. Some of the existing achievements/trophies have been changed or removed to make them more accessible or relevant. These are some of the major changes and enhancements in Mass Effect Legendary Edition for the first game. They aim to make the game more enjoyable, modern, and consistent with the rest of the trilogy. However, they also preserve the core essence and identity of the game, respecting its original vision and legacy.

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